Camera360 Ultimate 4.8.5 Apk Android Apps

Camera360 Ultimate 4.8.5 Apk is most popular mobile camera With over 100,000,000 users uses. Camera360 is still option suite of professional for mobile photography. Camera360 Ultimate 4.8.5 Apk also has added cloud platform that can help you manage, edit, store, and share your photos all in one place.
Camera360 Ultimate 4.8.5 Apk

Features Camera360 Ultimate 4.8.5 Apk
  • Seven Shooting Modes that include: special effect mode, self-portrait mode, quick-shoot mode, funny mode, tilt-shift mode, color-shift mode, audio camera mode and more!
  • Improved Special Effects with our third generation image processing engine that can make Special Effects even clearer and more colorful, creating thrilling photography experiences like never before.
  • Photo Montages that can help you piece together your most memorable moments!
  • Camera360 Cloud which provides a safe and private platform for you to browse, manage, edit, and share your most favorite mobile photos (supports 2000 px photo uploads)
  • Easy Sharing options that can help you share your favorite photos with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more

Name: Camera360 Ultimate 4.8.5 Apk
Version: 4.8.5
Size: 21.5MB
Required: Android 2.2 and up
Release time: 2014-01-21
Developer: PinGuo Inc.
Download: Camera360 Ultimate 4.8.5 Apk Android Apps


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