Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 2.1 Apk Android Apps

Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 2.1 Apk is a professional-grade paint and drawing application designed for android devices with screen sizes of 7" and under. Autodesk SketchBook Mobile Apk offers a full set of sketching tools and delivers them through a streamlined and intuitive user interface.
Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 2.1 Apk

Features Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 2.1 Apk:

Full Screen work space with on demand UI

Pen Only Mode (For devices with Pen input)
  • Pressure sensitivity support
  • Ability to draw only with the pen
  • The canvas will not recognize touch input
  • Touch input will be recognized by all the Tools, Panels, and menus.

Multi-Touch Interface:
  • Two finger pan & zoom navigation with 2500% zoom

Canvas sizes
  • Maximum size is determined by screen resolution
  • 12 available layers

  • Import images from Photo Library
  • Import from Camera
  • Duplicate, Merge and Reorder Layers
  • Move, scale, and rotate layers interactively using Multi-Touch
  • Toggle visibility and adjust Layer Opacity
  • Layer Blend Modes: Multiply, Add, Screen and Normal
  • Preserve Transparency mode to paint only where paint already exists

  • Store and view work-in-progress
  • Export images to your local storage
  • Import/Export as a layered file (PSD)

65 preset brushes, including flood fill
  • Smooth brush stroking
  • Synthetic pressure sensitivity (brush fade-off)
  • Customizable brush settings

Dynamic symmetric drawing

  • Color Wheel with HSB and RBG color space
  • Customizable Color Swatches
  • Copic Color Library

Name: Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 2.1 Apk
Version: 2.1
Size: 7MB
Required: Android 2.1 and up
Release time: 2012-05-14
Developer: Autodesk Inc.
Download: Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 2.1 Apk Android Apps


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